Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello! My name is Caitlin, and I am about to embark on the most exciting adventure of my life! A few weeks ago I received the news that I have been awarded a very generous scholarship to help me study abroad in the Netherlands! I will be living in the city of Alphen Aan Den Rijn with my host parents, Jose and Peter Jansen, and my host sisters, Mieke and Laura

I will be with a program called AFS. Originally starting as a program to transport wounded soldiers in WWI, the American Field Service (AFS) has evolved into an international, non-profit organization that helps kids experience the world and move forward to make a more tolerant, unified, and peaceful world.
While I’m away, I hope to learn a lot about myself and the Dutch culture, and to come out of this experience a much stronger person. In return, I want to teach my Dutch family, friends, and peers what America is like.

I want to take some time and thank my scholarship sponsors. THANK YOU! It means so much to me because you have helped me get that much closer to fulfilling my dream of studying abroad. I could not have done this without you, so thankyouthankyouthankyou!


(originally posted April 2009 on my previous blog)

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