Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy days in Holland

HOI! (Thats what we say here in Holland!) After many long hours of hotels airports and planes, I have made it to Holland! SUCCESS!
Before I left for Holland I attended a pre-departure orientation in New York City with tons of other AFS kids who were going to northern Europe. For the most part it was very boring... Us kids going to holland were the last group to leave our hotel. We spent a lot of time (not kidding, it was 6 hours!!) just sitting and waiting for our shuttle to the airport... But it wasn't all bad, I made friends with many people going to the same country as me which was really great. I'm looking forward to seeing them at the post-arrival AFS Nederland orientation next weekend!!!!
ANYWAY.... I'm here!!! In the Netherlands! In my Dutch house! In my Dutch room! On my own personal Dutch computer (well, not really.. I'm pretty sure Dell computers aren't made in holland)!!!!!
So far I've been doing typical dutch things such as riding my bike and eating cheese.. haha. I had to buy a new (well..not really new at all..) bike due to the fact that my little midget legs couldn't fit on the bike that my host family had provided me with in the beginning. I thought this was funny. Did you know that the Dutch people are the tallest people in the world?! Very nice for me, going to school and blending in with all the 5 foot tall 12 year olds. NOT.
School...ahh yes. Obviously not something I particularly enjoy. The upside is that lots of kids at school have reached out to me and are very helpful. They all want to help me improve my dutch which is awesome! And I've made some friends which is really nice.
More to come..SOON!

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