Saturday, September 5, 2009

I can't believe it..

I find it so hard to believe I've only been here two weeks. It seems as though I;ve been here so much longer. I am living very comfotably in the Jansen household, and I no longer feel like a guest.

Unfortunately, the tiredness has set in. Nowadays, I am running on low battery energy and I've been napping right and left! Listening to people speaking dutch all day, every day is nothing but exhausting. blahblahblahblah. School hasn't helped with this one bit either...all the instructions,lessons, and textbooks are in dutch. Thankfully the classes are only 50 minutes long (in comparison to the 90 minute classes at AHS..).

Let's talk about my school. Ashram College is about a seven minute bike ride away from my house, which is very convenient, and for which I am very thankful. I know some kids who have to bike about 45 minutes to school (rain ar shine..but usually rain)! In the Netherlands there are two levles of schooling: VWO and HAVO. I'm in VWO 4th year. VWO is the more difficult of the two and is designed for the more ambitous and univerity-destined students. It consists of six levels with students from the ages 12 to 18.

In a few weeks the kids in my class and I will go on a school-oraginzed trip to Belgium for a sort of 'survival camp'. We will do things like camping, hiking, canoeing, biking, and i think some sort of ropes course. I said before that I have made some friends at school but really, I've only known them for a week, so I'm really looking forward to this because I'll hopefully get to know my classmates much better and get past that "Hey, I just met you, but can I follow you around?" kind of friendship.

Well I guess I should probably get some sleep... welterusten!

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